• November 20, 2022

the biggest 보글사다리 lie in sports betting

If you ask any diehard NFL fan what 실시간 보글사다리 they think is a good bet, they will know. This is a standard response among generations of NFL bettors. In response, “Take the Home Underdog” was suggested. The logic behind this is straightforward: playing at home gives the team an extra boost of confidence and enthusiasm. It is commonly believed that if the bet is placed on a Monday night, the outcome is predetermined.

Truthiness is an issue with this urban legend. When I asked a Ph.D. statistician to look at 15 years’ worth of sports betting results through the lens of regression analysis, he came to a quite different conclusion. When the home team is the underdog, betting on them is a bad idea. Maybe it’s because of this powerful betting fallacy, but oddsmakers always give the home team a slight disadvantage when placing wagers.

My Ph.D. statistician found that underdogs winning at home cover the spread 41% to 47% of the time. If you’re betting on the road underdog in an NFL game, you have a 53% to 59% chance of coming out ahead. I’ve always held the firm belief that data accumulated over several seasons inevitably reveals certain patterns and trends that can be used to draw reliable conclusions. The NFL betting community is being crushed by the fact that you only need to win 52.7% of your bets to make money.

Observations on Sports betting 보글사다리 사이트추천 Related Wagering and the Music of John Morrison

I’m burned out on internet “opportunities” after trying so many different “systems” and “e-businesses.” A coworker of mine introduced John Morrison, the proprietor of sportsbettingchamp.com, and his latest sports betting technique one day. To be honest, I am not a huge sports lover and only occasionally watch sporting events like hockey games and golf tournaments. Sport isn’t typically something that grabs my attention. My focus, however, is on methods that have a high chance of paying off in various forms of gambling. That’s why I chose to look into what John was selling. On his website, he explains everything in great detail, and he comes out as a likable regular guy who just happened to create something that has brought him and his followers a lot of success.

That’s impossible, right? Sports betting is difficult and unpredictable, especially 보글사다리하는법 패턴 if you don’t devote a lot of time to research and analysis. Although, who has the time to do that? Plus, how effective would that person be even if they did have the time?

To be honest, I signed up for and purchased John’s method on a whim. Due to Clickbank’s support, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try, especially since they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

In 2008, on November 11th, that transpired. It is now Monday, December 9, 2008. I’m so impressed with this method that I won’t be requesting a refund, and I still can’t believe I’m typing those words. The email picks John sends to those of us who are part of his system have been remarkably accurate, so it’s safe to say that his method works.

This success just keeps piling up for me! I’ve never seen 보글사다리 분석 anything like it, and words fail me when I try to express how thankful I am for the opportunity to have met John and for his generosity in sharing his knowledge. He can keep this information to himself and still make a lot of money. Despite this, he is paying it forward by assisting others, and I can attest that in the current economic context, this is a truly miraculous gift.

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