WILD HORSES: Carson City Protest Planned


Virginia Range Horse Roundup and Protest Information.

We have been informed that Governor Gibbons has issued a directive for the Nevada Dept.
of Agriculture to go around and pick up Virginia Range horses.  Obviously he had no
interest in cooperating with the local communities to solve the problems of horses
being lured into neighborhoods, but he's going to protect his Deputy Chief of Staff's
unfenced bogus hay field that is luring horses across US-50.  It looks like the lame
duck Governor is going to try to pull off as many horses as he can in the waning days
of his tenure in office.

There are laws that address how the state is supposed to remove and dispose of Virginia
Range horses.  These are laws that the governor's buddy Tony Lesperance, Director of
Agriculture, conveniently ignores.  Presently there are five Virginia Range horses up
for sale at the Fallon Livestock Exchange for which the required legal notices of
capture and sale were never published and which went to the auction yard without the
required brands.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto, who is charged with the responsibility
of enforcing legal conduct among state officials, unfortunately runs an agency that
appears to have no interest in dealing with corrupt practices by state officials that
have gone on for years. Therefore corruption in the NV Department of Agriculture

A number of advocates will be "patrolling" areas where horses are likely to be trapped
and will document trapping operations by taking photographs and submitting them, along
with reports, to the local news media.

Area horse groups are planning a demonstration outside the Attorney General's Office,
100 N. Carson St., Carson City on Wednesday, October 20, between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.
The theme of the demonstration will be "No Blind Eye to Corruption."  It is hoped that
the Attorney General, who is up for reelection, will take notice of public opinion, do
her job and stop holding the public to one set of standards while she holds state
officials to lesser standards.

All concerned advocates are encouraged to attend the demonstration.  Please remember
that we conduct safe and sane demonstrations in Nevada's State Capitol and we respect
other citizens with whom we share the sidewalk.  As a result we have good relations
with local law enforcement that we wish to maintain.

Signs are permitted and some will be provided.  If you bring your own signs please
remember that this is a Virginia Range horse issue, not BLM.  I mention this so
motorists and the media viewing the demonstration won't get confused.

Additional details can be found at http://www.aowha.org/notices/cc_ag_101020_01.html
and this information will be updated as needed.

Carrol Abel has agreed to be a point of contact for advocates who wish to attend the
demonstration and need more specific information.  She can be reached at
mailto:hiddenvalleyhorse@yahoo.com or 775-461-2121.

IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE DEMONSTRATION but wish to help, you can register your 
concerns with the following individuals whom we feel really need to hear from you.

Office of the Nevada Attorney General: 775-684-1100 email- mailto:aginfo@ag.state.nv.us

Governor Gibbons:  775-684-5670  http://gov.state.nv.us/Contact_Us_NORTHX.htm

Nevada Department of Agriculture:
    JoAnn Mothershead    775-738-8076 email- mailto:jmothershead@agri.state.nv.us
    Tony Lesperance        775-353-3613 email- mailto:tlesperance@agri.state.nv.us

Other Contacts:
    Fallon Livestock Exchange  775-867-2020  mailto:fla@phonewave.net

Please mark your calendars to make calls and send emails at least one day this week!

Thank you.