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Would we want our children or grandchildren to see how America's horses are treated by our public agencies?

Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates

Welcome to the
Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates (AOWHA)
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This web site is dedicated to preserving America's wild horses and burros. Here is a snapshot history of the current situation.

  • In 1971 Congress unanimously passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burros Act. The Act provided protections for free-roaming horses and burros found on BLM lands. It also led to an adoption program for excess horses and burros whereby adopters were required to properly maintain and care for adopted animals. They couldn't legally be adopted for purposes of resale, use in commercial products such as table meat or dog food, etc.

  • In recent years BLM gathered more horses than it was able to adopt. Most were held in Sanctuaries located in Oklahoma.

  • Just before Thanksgiving, 2004, Senator Conrad Burns of Montana secretly snuck a provision into the huge Omnibus spending bill that required BLM to sell these excess horses by any means available. Thus thousands of cheap horses would be forced onto the market with no restrictions preventing their purchase for slaughter or rendering.

  • After considerable public protest Congressmen Ed Rahall and Nick Whitfield submitted a bill known as H.R. 297 that would restore the most important protections for these horses and burros. However Congress has been slow to embrace this bill.

What we stand for.

We understand that wild horse and burro herds have to be managed in order to preserve healthy herds and a robust habitat for the horses. Our primary focus involves working to ensure practical and humane management of these animals by the various agencies responsible for them.

We are not a political entity as much as a problem solving entity, however we do support legislation aimed at protecting our horse and burro herds and our public lands. To that end, no charitable funds are expended for political purposes although individual advocates may submit reports and position papers that appear on this site.

What you can do.

If there are issues that concern you regarding free-roaming horses and burros, check to see if we've addressed them in our Wild Horse War Room. If we haven't addressed an issue that you are aware of, please feel free to Email us and we'll see if we can't dig up information for you.

It shouldn't take long to find your way around this site. If you do get lost and need help, please click "Contact Us" from the navigation bar and someone will help you.

Thanks for joining the campaign to protect America's wild horses and burros. Every voice counts and if we are united, we will be more likely succeed.

Willis Lamm, Chair
Internal Communications Workgroup